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At Jillings' premises in Newent there are four workshops specifically for the clock and barometer repair and restoration work.


Further to these workshops, there is a 'running room' where clocks are tested and regulated and also two showrooms where we exhibit some of our own restored stock of clocks and barometers.


Visitors are always welcome and we will be happy to give a guided tour.

We clean, repair and restore clock movements to a high standard using traditional hand tools and techniques. We also use precision lathes and clock making machinery produced by manufacturers such as:


•  Lorch

•  Wolf Jahn

•  Pultra

•  Boley Leinen

•  Chronos

All movements are stripped down to component level and all parts cleaned and polished where necessary.

•  Pivots are reshaped and polished.

•  Pallets are refaced when necessary.

•  Arbors can be re-pivoted

•  Wheel teeth repaired

•  Wheels and pinions recut when needed

•  Pivot holes are re-bushed

•  Poor past repairs are put right

•  Springs are replaced when necessary

•  Missing calendar and moonphase work can be reinstated

•  New lines are fitted to fusee and weight driven movements

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Clock repair workshops

Clock movement overhaul




We can also restore Ormolu and marble clock cases using techniques used by museums such as The Wallace Collection.


We strip down mercury barometers and clean and refill the mercury tubes or fit new tubes when necessary. On wheel barometers, we attend to the pulley system and threads etc. Other barometer work includes repair and restoration of hygrometers, thermometers, levels and their bezels and glasses and of course restoration of all the dials (including re-silvering).


We can also repair or replace aneroid movements. Barographs are also a speciality and as well as completed restoration, we can supply paper, nibs and ink. The clock movements are overhauled in the clock making workshops.


All barometers are tested and calibrated in a pressure/vacuum chamber.

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